Cause Children Do Not Want To Eat And Only Want To Drink Milk For 1 Week?

My child is 2.5 years old and for more than a week, he doesn’t want to eat anything either rice, fruit or snacks and just wants to drink milk. Previously, my son’s nose hit my desk and at night he had a fever. The next day my child had a nosebleed and also still had a fever. Fever around 3-4 days and then cough with a cold. I have been taken to the pediatrician and given medicine for cough n fever but my child refuses to take medicine, every time I forcefully vomit. Is it okay if the child doesn’t eat anything for another week and only drinks milk? As a mother, I was very worried about the condition of my child who was constantly eating. Since they don’t want to eat, they often get sleepy and look lethargic. I have taken it to the pediatrician but the doctor was told to stop the intake of milk for the child to starve and ask for food. I have tried the doctor’s advice but the results are nil, my child still insisted that he did not want to eat. What would be the right treatment for my child? For information, as long as my child does not want to eat, I give Triplecare Pediasure milk 1 or 2 times a day and in morinaga chilkid milk as cold as I am afraid my child will starve.

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After a year old child sometimes the child does experience times when he does not want to eat or hard to eat. Children do not want to eat can be caused by many things, including because the child is a picky eater, the child is bored with the food menu, the child is full before mealtime (due to milk or snacks), or the child is sick (such as fever, flu, mouth sores, swallowing pain , abdominal pain).

Your actions bring to the pediatrician is very appropriate. Has it been ascertained that there are no medical causes that prevent children from eating? If it is ascertained that there are no medical conditions that cause it and the child also does not experience weight loss, then you do not need to worry first.

To help your child want to eat, you can do the following tips:

 Make eating more fun: use colorful spoon plates and funny pictures, make food look more interesting, for example, make a favorite cartoon character bento, provide smaller portions of food Don't force the child to eat, if the child doesn't want to eat, try offer more food a few hours later Try not to give milk or snacks before mealtime so that children are not full first Invite children to eat with family or friends Invite children to eat outside the house, can while taking a leisurely walk or can eat in a restaurant to replace atmosphere Create consistent eating hours every day Let the child try to eat alone and explore with food, of course, must still be watched If all the tips have been tried but the child still does not want to eat or if the child is losing weight, weak, easily drowsy, I suggest that you bring your child to control to the doctor again so he can be dila do not further evaluate the condition yes.

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