Cause Difficulty Swallowing Saliva?

Illustration of Cause Difficulty Swallowing Saliva?
Illustration: Cause Difficulty Swallowing Saliva?

Hello, I am Erwin, age 25, I want to ask, I sometimes like to have difficulty swallowing saliva as the nerves do not respond to swallowing, and also feel like something is stuck in my throat, sometimes accompanied by difficulty breathing, heart palpitations, stomach as if it is full and lymph nodes swelling behind the ear, what disease do you think I have? I am waiting for the answer, thank you

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The condition that you have difficulty swallowing can indicate certain medical conditions, such as:

Inflammation of the tonsils (tonsillitis) Foreign body at the base of the mouth or esophagus. Mass at the base of the mouth or esophagus Nerve disorders that regulate the swallowing process, for example due to complications of a stroke. To confirm your condition, you should first check with a general practitioner. The doctor will carry out a complete physical examination and will perform tests such as blood tests if needed, or will refer you to an ENT specialist if necessary.

Meanwhile, you should do the following to treat symptoms and prevent worsening:

Chew food until it is soft so that swallowing becomes easier. Eat slowly. For a while, you should avoid consuming foods that are hard textured. Drink 2 liters of water per day. Avoid consumption of cigarettes or alcohol. That's all my explanation, hopefully it helps and is useful :)


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