Cause Eyes Like People Cry?

Illustration of Cause Eyes Like People Cry?
Illustration: Cause Eyes Like People Cry?

In the morning I want to ask, Why do my eyes look like people have been crying out even though I haven’t been crying.

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Hello Shelmaayunazmi,

Thank you for asking to Aodokter.

Need to be clarified, what is the condition of "eyes that look like they have cried" do you mean? Do your eyes look swollen, reddened, runny, or do other complaints appear?

After crying, the eyes will usually look swollen. This condition can be described with swollen, reddish, and watery eyes. Not only because of crying, this eye condition can also be caused by conjunctivitis (inflammation of the lining of the eyes), blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids), asthenopia (tired eyes), trichiasis (eyelashes that grow protruding into), keratitis (inflammation of the cornea) eye), uveitis (inflammation of the uvea tract), and many other possible causes. Various conditions are certainly different causes, and treatment can also be different.

It is better if you first check your eye condition to the doctor or ophthalmologist to have a more objective examination. Depending on the cause, doctors can provide a variety of treatments, for example with eye drops or ointments, to other medical procedures.

For now, here are our initial suggestions:

Avoid rubbing your eyes too often
Protect your eyes from getting into foreign objects, such as dust, smoke, pollution, insects, or other dangerous things
Not also looking at direct sunlight
Not excessive use of cosmetics around the eyes
Before going to bed, after cleaning your face, compress your eyes with sliced ​​cucumbers or a cooled spoon
Do not carelessly use contact lenses, eye drops or eye ointments, without a doctor's recommendation

Hope this helps ...

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