Cause Facial Red Spots Such As Scratched By A Rough Cloth?

Illustration of Cause Facial Red Spots Such As Scratched By A Rough Cloth?
Illustration: Cause Facial Red Spots Such As Scratched By A Rough Cloth?

I want to ask? In my second pregnancy, I experienced something that worried me a little. The reason my face appears reddish color like spots due to scratched by a rough cloth. Is this due to the effect of my pregnancy or does it have a trigger? Then what about the doctor’s advice and solutions to my problem? Please explain. Thanks in advance 🙂

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Hello Lusiyani,

Thank you for asking

Hormonal changes during pregnancy often cause new skin problems. One effect of this is that the skin becomes stretched excessively, so that it appears thin and the blood vessels underneath will be more easily seen. This condition also often makes the skin feel itchy, dry, and easy to peel. Your current complaint could have been related to this matter.

It could also, reddish spots such as being scratched on your face appear due to other reasons, for example irritation (such as when scratched, when exposed to excessive sunlight, or when using irritative skin care products), infections (such as due to fungus or bacteria), allergies (for example when in contact with cosmetics or certain skin care products), or also other skin conditions (for example atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, etc.).

Not all of the above conditions are dangerous. However, if it does seem very annoying, it doesn't hurt you to check yourself directly to the doctor, obstetrician, or dermatologist so that it is handled well, right at home, you can do the trick below:

Do not slurp forcefully spotting that appears
Always bathe diligently, wash your face also 2 times a day using clean water and mild cleansing soap that suits your skin type
Be more careful in choosing cosmetics and skin care products, especially during pregnancy
Before your activity, first use sunscreen and moisturizer
Get enough rest, eat more vegetables and fruit
Do not carelessly provide treatment for spots that appear without doctor's advice

Hope this helps ...

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