Cause Feet Feel Hot And Like Burning?

Illustration of Cause Feet Feel Hot And Like Burning?
Illustration: Cause Feet Feel Hot And Like Burning?

the left leg of the ankle feels hot if it burns when held cold feels, what disease?

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Sensations such as heat and cold are regulated by nerve fibers. Your condition may indicate a disruption in nerve fibers around the ankles or spinal cord, which is the origin of the nerve fibers that supply the ankles. Some possible causes of this nervous breakdown are:

Excessive emphasis on the leg area, for example if you often bend or press your feet long enough, using pants or footwear that are too narrow Neurotropic vitamins or mineral infections Infections, such as herpes zoster Diabetes Nerve nerves, for example due to tarsal tunnel syndrome Multiple sclerosis Alcoholism Heavy metal poisoning , etc. Not only nerve disorders, maybe also, hot and cold sensation in your ankles that you experience arises due to other causes, such as viral or bacterial infections, rheumatoid arthritis, post-leg injuries, psychosomatic disorders, and so on.

This condition may or may not be dangerous. Frequently, if complaints only appear temporarily without other complaints that are more severe, for example weakness in the legs, numbness, swelling, etc., this condition is not dangerous. However, to be clear, it would not hurt you to check your condition directly to the doctor. If it's true that the doctor suspects that there is a problem with your nerves, he can also refer you to a neurologist.

Here are the initial suggestions that you should make:

Compress your feet (especially the ankle area) who have complaints with warm or cold compresses (choose the eyes that make you most comfortable) Protect your feet from excessive pressure and squeezing, for example by not getting used to sitting on the floor or bending the legs for too long, not using tight pants or shoes Be diligent in exercising Regularly bathing and cleaning your feet Eating foods of balanced nutritional value, good for nourishing the nerves, for example those containing vitamins B1, B6, B12, calcium, magnesium, potassium Drinking sufficiently Don't consume alcohol Stay away from cigarettes Don't massage carelessly experiencing complaints Hopefully it helps ..

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