Cause It’s Easy To Remember Past Events, Is It A Characteristic Of PTSD?

Good evening doctor, I have a question. I’ve had an accident a week, but I always imagine the accident, I can not forget the incident, even in the crowd I could suddenly remember the accident. Does that include ptsd or normal trauma? R nThank you in advance

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Hello Saufa, thanks for your question

PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder is a stress disorder that occurs after a person experiences a traumatic (catastrophic) event, such as the loss of a loved one on the battlefield, natural disaster, traffic accident, or after experiencing a crime such as rape or robbery. Just like mental disorders in general, PTSD sufferers also experience limitations (hendaya) in their daily activities or in their interactions with other people and the environment.

In general, PTSD sufferers will experience the following symptoms:

flashback (flashback) of memories of the traumatic event, either when passing through the scene or in the form of nightmares avoiding talking about or thinking about traumatic events developing negative thought patterns, both towards oneself and others easily feel hopeless and lose the spirit of living emotions that are volatile Diagnosis of PTSD requires direct examination by a mental health specialist (psychiatrist). The doctor will conduct a psychiatric interview which is complemented by a physical and additional examinations as necessary. After confirming the diagnosis, then the doctor can provide the right treatment, either in the form of counseling or medication.

While waiting for the doctor's examination and treatment, you should:

keep thinking positively share the problems you face with the people closest to you, for example your spouse, parents, or friends, do more worship and get closer to God's teachings channel your energy and emotions through constructive exercise, get enough rest, eat regularly with a balanced nutritious menu. yes

dr. Lili

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