Cause Liquid Chapter And Fresh Blood Comes Out?

Illustration of Cause Liquid Chapter And Fresh Blood Comes Out?
Illustration: Cause Liquid Chapter And Fresh Blood Comes Out?

At noon, my friend is bleeding from the stomach. It has been almost a week that he continues to bleed. I told him to see a doctor / hospital but he didn’t want to. There are no funds. And I also because there are no funds yet, so I can’t help him. He is not so close to parents. Parent wants to help him take it to the doctor but doesn’t want to. He doesn’t suit his parents. What medicines can stop bleeding? I feared him to the point of bleeding. I am far from him anyway. Maybe there is a doctor friend who is in Cibitung to help him. Poor him every time only a blood fountain. I give this number to her, who knows there is a doctor who is willing to help my friend. 08999089781😭

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Hello Jindul, thanks for the question to

Before I want to confirm in advance, whether bleeding occurs red (fresh blood) or black? Bleeding when the red stool is caused by bleeding in the lower gastrointestinal tract. Some causes of lower gastrointestinal bleeding include:

hemorrhoids / hemorrhoids tear in the anus or anal fissure infection of the intestine by certain bacteria or parasites (dysentery) inflammation of the intestine pseudomembranous colitis (inflammation of the large intestine by the bacteria Clostridium difficile) colon cancer Bleeding when the bowel looks blackish color can be caused by bleeding in the digestive tract above, for example:

bleeding from the stomach due to gastritis or peptic ulcer tears in the esophagus due to gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) or vomiting that is too strong (Mallory-Weiss tear) ruptured esophageal varices (eg in people with cirrhosis of the liver) injury to the upper gastrointestinal tract, for example due to swallowing objects that scratch upper gastrointestinal tract Not all gastrointestinal bleeding can be stopped with medication, in fact often it takes certain actions to stop bleeding. If indeed there is a lot of bleeding, your friend must be taken to the hospital immediately for further evaluation and management. If indeed your friend is having financial difficulties, you can suggest and you can also help your friend to take care of BPJS so that medical costs can be lighter (even free). Severe bleeding conditions cannot be stopped with medication alone and cannot be treated without complete facilities such as in a hospital (not a matter of sincerity or unwillingness to help, but many conditions cannot be diagnosed without supporting examination and cannot be treated only with OTC drugs only). We recommend that your friend go to the hospital immediately.

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