Cause Not Getting Pregnant Again After 3 Years Of Miscarriage?

..I want to ask. It’s been 3 years ago I had a miscarriage but I didn’t do a curette. Well, my period was right the month after that it hurt excruciatingly but not the following month. My menstrual cycle is also normal. Sometimes if I have menstruation my stomach hurts but not every month. Until now I have not been given offspring anymore. The question is whether because I do not curette affect my fertility? If so, what is the solution? Trim.

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Fertility in women is very much influenced by various factors. First from age, health of female organs (no complications such as frequent infections, inflammation, or malignancy), mental health of a woman related to stress factors, sexually active or not, and most importantly from hormonal factors.

A history of curettage may affect the health of the female organs, especially if there is chronic infection and there is a change in the structure of the female organs, which is indicated by complaints in the female organs continuously, since the curettage. However, not always chronic infection affects fertility because there are other factors that influence it as mentioned above.

The following is information regarding the ideal post-curette care.

Post Curette Care

To maintain the condition in order to always be fit and fit, as well. It's good to do the following things regularly:

1. Exercise regularly

2. Relaxation

3. Maintain the cleanliness of the intimate organs of both women and partners

4. Doing healthy sexual activity

5. Join a fertility program to prepare for pregnancy

Because so many factors affect it, it's a good idea to have it checked by your doctor.

Consult your doctor at the nearest health facility so that you get examination, treatment and can find out the next steps to prepare for offspring.

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