Cause Of A Sudden Fall?

Illustration of Cause Of A Sudden Fall?
Illustration: Cause Of A Sudden Fall?

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Good evening Maya, thank you for asking at The condition of falling in the elderly, or people over 65 years old can be caused by various reasons, including:

Visual impairment, for example due to cataracts or glaucoma, so often tripping
Impaired balance caused by abnormalities in the inner ear or decreased brain function, for example Parkinson's disease

Muscle weakness, for example due to the aging process or lack of nutrition
Certain health conditions, such as low blood pressure and anemia or lack of red blood cells
Drug side effects

Which of the causes above can be explained more broadly to other specific diseases, and we cannot confirm without direct examination. What is clear is that a direct examination needs to be done to find out which of the causes of the fall represents the condition of your parents, because everything is possible but the handling is different. This is important because without a history and physical examination, as well as possible direct observations of how your parents' posture and gait, it is difficult for us to narrow down the possibility of his condition.

As for your steps that have taken your parents to a neurologist and performed various checks it is appropriate, it's just that it might be better if you take control of the treatment given by the doctor. From the last meeting, if there were no changes, you should return to the same doctor to say that the treatment did not produce results in order to determine the next plan. If the doctor states that there is actually no abnormality, then you have the right to ask from the examination, which direction the suspicion is, and what doctor should handle it.

Because indeed, a complete examination by a specialist neurologist directly can not be degraded to forums like this where we have very limited information on your parents. All you have to pursue is the doctor who last checked it, changed another neurologist to get a second opinion or returned to the general practitioner for a thorough examination and review whether the problem was with the nerves, balance, muscles and bones, vision, internal organs, or even psychic.

Meanwhile, the most important thing is to always take care of your parents, take precautions by always accompanying wherever he goes, giving a handle on various places at home, especially the bathroom, making sure the footwear is not slippery, and making sure the medicine is always routinely taken and he also routinely controls . So, hopefully answering your question.

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