Cause Of Anal Rupture During Bowel Movements?

Illustration of Cause Of Anal Rupture During Bowel Movements?
Illustration: Cause Of Anal Rupture During Bowel Movements?

Excuse me, I’m Erina, 18 years old. I want to ask, when my stool chapter was so hard that my anus was torn. Finally, I often experience it like that. Are there any “serious” signs associated with it?

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Hello Erina Simanjuntak,

The tear condition of the anal mucosa is called anal fissure. Anal fissures can occur when bowel movements are hard or large stools, chronic diarrhea, trauma during labor, anal sex, Crohn's disease, complications of sexually transmitted infections. Symptoms that occur in anal fissure patients are:

Sharp pain or tenderness in the anus when passing stool
Fresh blood comes out mixed with feces or when wiping the anus with tissue
An anal wound appeared
Exit odorous discharge from the anus

Generally anal fissures are diagnosed from physical examination. Other tests such as anoscopy or colonoscopy may be needed for certain conditions where there is a suspicion of other causes such as Crohn's disease that causes anal fissures.

Like an injury to the skin, anal fissures can also experience a natural healing process that takes several days or several weeks. However, during the healing process the patient must avoid constipation which causes large and hard stools. So that patients are often given stool softeners. The patient is also given an ointment to be applied to the anus to reduce pain. Drinking medicines to reduce pain are also given by the doctor if necessary.

The differential diagnosis of anal fissures includes hemorrhoids, anal abscesses, and rectal sores. To distinguish these disorders, doctors need to know in full the clinical symptoms that you feel and match them with a physical examination.

To prevent recurring anal fissures, you should consume a high-fiber diet, drink more water, exercise regularly, not hold back bowel movements, avoid anal sex. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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