Cause Of Hunger Again After Eating?

Illustration of Cause Of Hunger Again After Eating?
Illustration: Cause Of Hunger Again After Eating?

Hello, I am widia from Makassar city, I have more than 1 month, my throat sometimes can’t breathe, the feet feel cold, it’s hot, it’s hot on my back, but it’s been 3 days, not too fast, but now I feel if I eat a lot, I’m still hungry, if I defecate. a little that came out bru it felt hungry and then I used to feel sad and also ordinary and also if I was hit by a fan it couldn’t be too how was the solution

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Hi He,

Thank you for asking

When referring to your complaints, this condition may be related to mental disorders that trigger a variety of physical complaints. In the medical realm, this condition is often referred to as psychosomatic disorders. Mental disorders in question can be in the form of excessive sadness, anxiety, despair, low self-esteem, and so on. As a result of this mental disorder, the body will send nerve impulses to various organs, triggering the emergence of a variety of physical complaints that are not always related to each other, including the complaints that you experience, namely discomfort in the throat, cold feet, hot backs, easy hungry, heart palpitations, and uncomfortable when using a fan. Often, this condition will improve by itself after the source of your sadness and mental disorders are resolved properly.

Not only psychosomatic disorders, your complaints can also arise due to certain organic disorders, such as GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), gastritis, peptic ulcer, viral or bacterial infection, constipation, intestinal inflammation, hypoglycemia, heart problems, drug side effects, etc.

Considering your complaint has been around for a long time, and seems to bother you enough, we urge you not to let it. Consult yourself directly to a doctor or a specialist in internal medicine to be given the appropriate treatment. If it is true that the doctor suspects that your complaint arises due to certain mental disorders, the doctor may also refer you to a psychiatrist.

In the meantime, you can first do the steps below:

Expand to do relaxation to make your heart and mind calmer. Don't be too complicated to think about problems. Live your days with positive thoughts and behavior, do the best you can, and surrender your destiny to God. Live a healthy lifestyle, including with sleep regularly, eat disciplined, don't get too tired, don't smoke, exercise diligently compress uncomfortable areas of the body with warm water to make it more comfortable Eating balanced nutritional foods Hopefully it helps ..

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