Cause Of Lumps Like Boils And No Eyes?

Illustration of Cause Of Lumps Like Boils And No Eyes?
Illustration: Cause Of Lumps Like Boils And No Eyes?

AssalamualaikumFor the doctor !! I have had ulcers for 5 days but it has not healed! Even though I have applied it with ointment, when I see how come on the boil there is no point that can produce pus huh !! I’m so scared.

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Wa alaikumsalam, thank you for asking at Your condition can mean many things, it can be boils, it can be inflammation of the hair follicles, abscesses, cysts, or growth of fat tissue. As for that point, if there is a possibility that not all boils will appear at that point. Or it could indeed not appear.

Therefore, we suggest to be sure, you should check with your general practitioner first for an initial examination of the condition. Your doctor will explore your medical history and especially see the lump to characterize its size, shape, boundaries, surface, color and so on. Handling will be adjusted to the results of the examination, including if it turns out you need to be referred, both to the surgeon or dermatologist.

Meanwhile there is no need to worry too much because this condition is generally harmless, although it may indeed interfere with appearance. You don't need to apply anything because the diagnosis is not clear, don't squeeze and touch it, and keep it clean. So, hopefully answering your question.

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