Cause Of Menstruation 2 Times A Month?

Illustration of Cause Of Menstruation 2 Times A Month?
Illustration: Cause Of Menstruation 2 Times A Month?

In the morning I want to ask about menstruation … this one month I had 2 menstrual periods on May 12-18. Usually my period is 7/8 days … but on May 28 yesterday I returned to menstruation .. not as usual .. and Her menstrual period is quite long 8 days 2 days after my period I have sex with my husband but after that my menstruation is there again .. why can it happen like this please help .. is it dangerous? or still normally

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Hello Dear Diamond,

Normal menstruation occurs every 21-35 days starting from the first day of the current menstruation until the first day of the next menstruation. Actually menstruation is the process of shedding the innermost lining of the uterus (endometrium) because there is no fertilization or attachment of the conception. The process of breaking down the endometrium into blood lasts for 3-7 days with a volume of about 40 cc per day. It is called a non-smooth menstruation if this cycle lasts less than 21 days or more than 35 days. In addition, the length of menstruation changes, as well as the volume of blood that is expelled.

Regarding your question above, actually your menstrual cycle is still within the normal range (21-25 days). The bleeding that occurs after sexual intercourse can indicate:

are starting or just finished menstruation lack of lubrication causing friction injury during intercourse vaginal problems, such as vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy, vaginal inflammation problems in the cervix or cervix, such as polyp growth, cervical ectropion, and cervical cancer if you wish to determine the cause of the bleeding you are experiencing, you should consult directly to an obstetrician. The doctor will perform a series of special examinations, starting with a pelvic exam, ultrasound of the uterus, and even a pap smear. After determining the underlying cause of your complaint, then the doctor can determine the appropriate treatment. Continue to live a healthy lifestyle by maintaining a balance of food intake and physical activity, and engaging in safe sexual activity with your partner.

Hopefully this is useful

dr. Lili

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