Cause Of The Appearance Of A Bump On The Back Of The Head?

Illustration of Cause Of The Appearance Of A Bump On The Back Of The Head?
Illustration: Cause Of The Appearance Of A Bump On The Back Of The Head?

Hello, sorry, I want to ask and inform you of my wife’s illness, it has been more than 1 month, the bumps on her head never go flat, the bumps are caused because of collisions, the bumps are on the left side of the back of every time she bathes when she is right again Shampoo accidentally touched the lump that she was in pain and she sometimes felt dizzy in the head, THANK YOU Please explain and how to treat it, Hello !!!

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Hello Reza, thank you for using

There are various causes of the appearance of a bump on the head, one of which is a head injury that usually occurs due to the impact of hard objects on the head. Generally when a person bumps and has a head injury, the lump will appear as the body's natural response, due to blood seeping from broken capillaries under the skin. If the injury is mild, a bump on the head usually goes away by itself after a few days.

Apart from head injuries, bumps on the head can be caused by tumors, cancer, cysts, lipomas, and folliculitis due to bacterial infections. Because the lump in your wife's head has been going on for more than a month, I suggest you immediately bring your wife to see a general practitioner, so that a thorough examination can be done, such as questions and answers, vital signs examination, physical examination of the head, and supporting examinations such as ultrasound , CT head scan, or biopsy so that treatment can be given according to your wife's diagnosis.

As for the things that can be done now, namely:

Compressing lumps using cold water Maintain cleanliness of the head to prevent bacterial infections, by taking a bath every day Adequate rest Read also the article: some of the causes of the bumps in the head

Such information that I can provide, hopefully can help you.

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