Cause Often Do Something Repeatedly?

Illustration of Cause Often Do Something Repeatedly?
Illustration: Cause Often Do Something Repeatedly?

I like to do anything 4 times (or multiples). For example, washing hands 4 times using soap, 4 times rubbing, etc. Or another example if my left foot tripped over a stone, I will return to the stone and then deliberately lean my right foot, then my right foot again, then my left foot, so 4 times. I do this every heart, and I will feel that something bad will happen if I don’t praise this “ritual”. In addition, I also feel afraid when communicating with others, such as being afraid of being laughed at or embarrassed. Is this a sign that I have to seek professional help?

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There is a habit of doing activities with the amount of 4 times or multiples of 4 and feel insecure or feel something bad will happen if you do not do it, this condition is likely a form of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). OCD is a mental health disorder that causes patients to have to take action repeatedly. If this is not done, then the patient will feel something will happen, fearing the bad luck that might arise, causing excessive anxiety and fear. For this reason, patients with OCD will feel at ease with habits that are obsessed and compulsive or repeated.

On the one hand, patients with OCD understand that what they do is not appropriate or excessive, however, patients still feel the urge to do it and cannot avoid this habit. Just like you do, in general you may already realize this is excessive and unnatural, but you have no power to avoid it or not do it, because in your mind, doing this repeatedly 4 times is soothing to you and can ease your anxiety.

It is only natural that you cannot communicate this to other people, your friends or family. However, there is no harm if you believe that someone near you can hold an expression of your feelings or your worries, and that person can take care of him, then you can talk and ask for his help to accompany a professional meeting. However, if you hesitate to tell a story, then you don't need to tell it until you are sure that someone (whether friends or family) can help you listen to you or look after you.

Some of the conditions below can trigger OCD in patients, such as:

A history of psychological trauma or unpleasant events in the past
Have experienced a situation or event that makes you anxious or afraid of excessive
Family history with OCD
History of other mental disorders

With a variety of things that you complain about, you should actually see a professional, whether a psychiatrist or psychologist. Discuss with your doctor regarding your complaint. The doctor will conduct an interview related to the course of this complaint, a physical examination, and a psychiatric examination will be carried out by the doctor who treats you. The results of the examination will be able to ascertain whether the complaint is an OCD disorder, or other health problems, such as personality disorders, anxiety disorders, or depression. The results of the examination will also be a reference for doctors in providing treatment and care.

During this treatment period, several other attempts you can make, such as:

Avoid conflict
Avoid sleeping late
Control some things that are already excessive
Relax and exercise regularly
Avoid cigarettes and alcohol when consuming
Eat healthy nutritious foods

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