Cause Often Tears?

Illustration of Cause Often Tears?
Illustration: Cause Often Tears?

At noon, I was confused that my tears often fell on their own without feeling sad, sleepy, or emotional. I also have difficulty falling asleep, but my body feels tired and just lying down. Even if it disturbs me, I still force myself to move even though I sometimes lose my eyesight for no more than 5 seconds which often endangers other people because of my work on the streets. Sometimes I close my eyes in a dark place even like there is a bright light in front of my eyes, but when I open my eyes the light is not in the same scale. I think I have to consult, but I can’t talk to people I just know face to face. Because I also have more streets or drmh without reprimand with people around me unless they ask first. What is the solution? Are there any herbs that can help? Because I don’t like drugs.

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Hello Yosafat,

Thank you for asking

Your own tears may be caused by increased tear production, or blocked tear ducts. Apart from crying and drowsiness, this condition can also occur due to allergies, eye irritation, entry of foreign objects into the eye, to infections in certain eye components. Tired eyes, impaired eye refraction, or side effects of inappropriate ointments and eye drops may also cause complaints like you do. Not only that, blockages in the tear gland ducts can also occur due to drug side effects as well as genetic abnormalities from birth. Often, not only watery eyes, these conditions can also make the eyes feel uncomfortable, itchy, sore, lumpy, swollen, red, difficult to focus when looking, easily glare, and many other complaints appear. If the intensity is very disturbing, of course this condition can also make your activities and sleep disturbed too.

Not only that, complaints in your eyes, sleeplessness, fatigue, difficulty interacting with new people you experience can also be triggered by psychological disorders (eg psychosomatic disorders, excessive anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression), drug side effects, infections virus or bacteria, and many other possibilities.

Without checking you directly, it is certainly not right for us to recommend the right treatment for your complaint, including herbal concoctions as you intended. Like it or not, like it or not, you still need to see yourself directly to the doctor or ophthalmologist so that your condition can be treated properly according to the underlying cause.

Here are the initial efforts you can make to make the complaint better:

Rest your eyes first from excessive activity, including driving long distances or staring at gadgets for too long
Eye compresses that are uncomfortable with cold compresses or cucumbers
Calm yourself, don't do excessive physical activity
Protect your eyes from getting in allergens, irritants, and other dangerous foreign objects, for example by limiting going outdoors, using special glasses
Get enough and regular sleep
Not taking drugs carelessly
Improve the lighting in the environment where you work
Live a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise
Do not carelessly take or use eye medication without doctor's advice

Hope this helps ...

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