Cause Suddenly Full And Not Appetite?

Illustration of Cause Suddenly Full And Not Appetite?
Illustration: Cause Suddenly Full And Not Appetite?

Good afternoon, I want to ask when I feel hungry then I take the food and when the food is served I suddenly feel full and have no appetite. What do you think happened? is there a problem in the digestive system?

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Hi Nanik,

Thank you for asking

Feelings of fullness or hunger are strongly influenced by psychological factors. The feeling of fullness that appears suddenly after seeing certain foods, causing a sudden decrease in appetite, may arise as a result of your dislike of these foods, whether in terms of taste, appearance, aroma, or other aspects. It could also be, it is not the food that triggers a decrease in your appetite, but the atmosphere of the meal, for example who you eat with, and so on. This condition can provide signals to the brain, especially the emotional regulatory center in the limbic system, which indirectly affects feelings of fullness or hunger, and also your appetite.

It could also be, feeling full and decreased appetite as you experience is triggered by other factors, for example:

Increased stomach acid (dyspepsia syndrome), often associated with irregular eating habits, excessive consumption of spicy or high fat foods, consuming too much caffeine or certain drugs Disorders of hormonal balance, for example due to approaching menstruation, during pregnancy, thyroid gland disorders mental, for example depression, excessive anxiety Intra-abdominal tumors, either originating from the gastrointestinal tract or from outside the gastrointestinal tract Side effects of drugs (for example steroids) Smoking habits, etc. Have you experienced this kind of complaint very often? If it's just this occasionally, try to resolve your complaint first with the following steps:

Get used to eating more regularly every 4 to 6 hours, with small to moderate portions, don't be late. Limit consumption of spicy, fatty, and caffeinated drinks Drink enough water Routinely exercise Calm your mind and mood, stay away from depression, stress, or anxiety that Excessive Live a healthy lifestyle, including getting enough rest, stay away from cigarettes, also avoid taking drugs carelessly. If the above steps have not succeeded in overcoming your complaint, try to get yourself checked by a doctor or an internal medicine specialist to be given the best treatment, ok?

I hope this helps.

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