Cause The Baby Is 2 Weeks Old Body Is Still Yellow?

My baby is 2 weeks old but the head and whites of the eyes are still yellow, from this article I read if the danger is that the urine is pale and the pale pores, my child is actually peeing clear and the pup is yellow and green … please advise ,, I want to check but now it’s Eid holiday …

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Hello Idha,

Babies can appear yellow or called jaundice, which is marked by yellowing skin and eyes as an early sign that is easily recognizable, then other symptoms that can be as varied as urine that looks colorless or paler stools. This condition is triggered because bilirubin is not able to be released by the liver to the maximum so that bilirubin levels in infants become high and cause babies to turn yellow.

This condition can be triggered by various things ranging from physiological conditions or abnormal conditions. Some causes of yellow babies such as for example due to imperfect liver function which over time can improve and yellow can disappear, babies lack breast milk intake, the condition of the baby is born prematurely, babies with different blood groups and rhesus with his mother, infections at birth, genetic disorders or any problems with the liver or bile.

For this reason, it's a good idea to check the condition of your baby at the nearest health facility to make sure the yellow that occurs in your baby and also other additional checks, one of which is to determine the level of bilirubin in children. During the Eid holiday itself health service facilities continue to run well in health centers or in hospitals. Handling itself will be adjusted to the condition of your baby starting with more frequent breastfeeding, or if high bilirubin levels can be done phototherapy method to overcome the condition of yellow in infants. In more severe cases, more intensive treatment is needed in the hospital. Immediately check your child, especially if the yellow does not go away, there is fever, does not want to suckle, the baby looks weak and kurning even more widespread, especially to the hands and feet.

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