Cause The Baby Vomits Yellow?

Illustration of Cause The Baby Vomits Yellow?
Illustration: Cause The Baby Vomits Yellow?

My child is 7 months old, 5 days ago I started giving him formula milk, but it’s been 3 days since he was vomiting and this morning he vomited yellow, including a body that is getting more and more limp … is this dangerous ??

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Yellow vomiting can be caused by an empty stomach so that no more food is vomited and what comes out is only bile (bile and pancreatic enzymes are released into the intestine of the 12 fingers to help the digestive process). In addition, yellow vomiting can also be caused by an intestinal plug in the digestive tract, a history of surgery, appendicitis, recurrent vomiting syndrome, food poisoning, and food allergies (including milk allergy).

Vomiting in infants needs attention because babies are easily dehydrated / lack of fluids. Babies who are dehydrated must immediately get special treatment to restore body fluids. The following are signs of dehydration in babies:

Initially you will be fussy and want to drink continuously, then you can become weak, sleepy, and lazy to drink
Cowong eyes
Sunken crown (if the crown is not closed)
Mouth and lips look dry or pale
Crying without tears
Urinating less or not urinating at all (for example, diapers are still dry even though it's been 6 hours)
Dark, concentrated urine
Breath faster
Cold hands and feet

If your baby vomits repeatedly in a day until his body is weak, you should take your baby to the nearest emergency room or pediatrician so that further tests can be done to confirm your baby's condition and find out the cause of the vomiting. Furthermore, the doctor will provide the necessary treatment, for example by rehydration, administering anti-vomiting drugs if necessary, and handling diseases that cause vomiting.

Try not to delay seeing the doctor. In the meantime, your baby should be breastfed more often or as much as the baby wants, for example, you can use ASIP 1 spoonful every 10 minutes for the first few hours. Next, give 2 tablespoons of ASIP every 5 minutes. The next rehydration treatment will be given by the doctor who checks your baby. When the baby vomits, try to tilt his head if the baby is lying down or to hold him upright so that vomiting does not enter the airway.

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