Cause The Eye Feels Sore When Removing The Contact Lens?

Illustration of Cause The Eye Feels Sore When Removing The Contact Lens?
Illustration: Cause The Eye Feels Sore When Removing The Contact Lens?

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Indeed, at this time the use of contact lenses is popular because they are practical and can make you look more attractive. But apart from having advantages over the use of glasses in terms of care, soft lenses require more attention in their care to stay hygienic so that they don't cause health problems in the eyes later.

This complaint you experience can actually be caused by:

Hands that are not clean when using the contact lens or removing the lens
Selection of soft lens products whose ingredients are not suitable for the eye
The use of contact lenses is too long (3 months and has not been replaced)
Dirty contact lenses (contaminated by polluted air, cigarette smoke, dust)
Broken contact lens (there is a tear in the contact lens)

We recommend that you have your eye condition checked by an ophthalmologist so that you can do a direct examination of your eye (especially on the cornea of ​​the eye) considering your history of using soft lenses quite often. Because you should use soft lenses under the supervision of an ophthalmologist. In the meantime what you can do includes:

Always follow the directions for using the contact lens on the packaging listed
Always wash hands when wearing or when removing the contact lens
Change the contact lens regularly 3-5 times a day and keep the contact lens in a clean and closed place
Do not use contact lenses while sleeping, always remember to take them off first
Try to change the contact lenses every week / every month

Next, I attach a discussion about whether soft lens fluids can be used for eye drops, and articles about contact lens users who need to know the risks to help add information.

So that I can convey, hopefully useful.

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