Cause The Eye Sees Flashes Of Light?

Illustration of Cause The Eye Sees Flashes Of Light?
Illustration: Cause The Eye Sees Flashes Of Light?

so like this, for 3 days my left eye when I saw my cellphone was often sore, it used to be like that I used to play less and it was reduced, but the difference was that I first saw a flash of light at the tip of my left eye at the end. initially the rich white light from the top of the eye fell like that soflen moved but my white light. then now like the clearer round of the item orange (?) I forgot the specifics. arrived “at the corner of my eye (not part of the eye gland) as if someone had come down from the top to the bottom, was that what? Sorry sorry amit ” but this is not a symptom of cancer right .-. I really don’t feel like it too late. but when I was with my friend it didn’t hurt until it became too late to see my cellphone. but if I’m on my own it keeps on happening. sorry long 🙂

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The curvature of the light or flash of light that is visible in your field of view is called flashes. Most complaints of flashes occur because of changes in the clear structure such as gel, the vitreous body, which then pulls the retina layer which is sensitive to light impulses. In more severe conditions, flashes can be a symptom of the condition of retinal detachment. Flashes are generally harmless and can disappear on their own, but there may be indications of serious conditions such as retinal detachment that require immediate treatment by an ophthalmologist. If you experience flashes for the first time or with increasing intensity, you should consult an ophthalmologist for early diagnosis and adequate treatment.
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