Cause The Glass Is Surrounded By Ants?

Illustration of Cause The Glass Is Surrounded By Ants?
Illustration: Cause The Glass Is Surrounded By Ants?

Hello r nThis few weeks I often do gymnastics at home early in the morning, if I start to feel thirsty I alternate by drinking water until I finish gymnastics (about 1 hour) + 15 minutes. When I go back to drink my glass is full of small ants … is that okay? The problem only happens if the glass is used only when exercising

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Hi Selly,

Thank you for asking

Ants often surround something that has sugar in it. If this happens to the glass you have just used, it is possible that this is due to the presence of your leftovers that contain sugar, and stick to the glass that you use for drinking. The rest of this food can be so small that you may not even notice it. The rest of this food can also not come from your mouth, but from a glass that is not washed thoroughly. In addition to food scraps, saliva also has a special enzyme called amylase, which is responsible for breaking carbohydrates into maltose. This can also contribute to the keeping of the glass that you have used by ants.

Not only that, ants can also surround something, even though it does not contain sugar. This can also be caused by the stinging smell of the object, the striking color, and so on. It could be, the ants surround your glass because of your bad breath, come back again, the causes of this condition can be many, could be due to problems in the teeth and mouth, digestive disorders, diabetes, sinusitis, and so on.

The question now, is there any other complaints that you feel in your body?

If not, the possibility of these conditions is not dangerous. You just need to make sure the glass and water you drink are clean. If the glass and drinking water have been surrounded by ants, you have a great potential for contracting the disease. Therefore, you should discard the water and replace the glass with a cleaner one. Improve your teeth and mouth hygiene, ie by diligently brushing your teeth in the morning, evening and night before going to bed. Also clean between your teeth and tongue, and rinse with salt solution for optimal oral hygiene.

However, if there are other complaints that you experience, such as problems with teeth and mouth (such as cavities, bad breath), digestive disorders (such as nausea, vomiting, bloating, heartburn), ENT disorders (eg nasal congestion, nasal voice , nausea disorders, etc., you should check yourself directly to the doctor to be given the right treatment, right?

I hope this helps.

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