Cause The Hands Are Always Clenched During Sleep?

Illustration of Cause The Hands Are Always Clenched During Sleep?
Illustration: Cause The Hands Are Always Clenched During Sleep?

, I’m a 22-year-old man, I want to ask why every time my hand sleeps my fists and sleeps like I’m not sleeping, which makes my body heavy!

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Hello Zack,

Thank you for the question.

It is not abnormal to clench your hands while sleeping. Each person can have the most comfortable sleeping position that is subjective. Maybe, you feel comfortable when you clench your fists, so unconsciously, when you sleep you clench your fists.

However, if it is true that you feel your sleep is not sound, and makes you not feel refreshed after waking up, but rather your body feels heavy, then the possibility of the trigger is:

The number of disturbances from the environment during sleep, for example if you sleep in a noisy place, glare, too hot, lots of loud, too cold, and so on
Discomfort that arises from within your own body, for example due to feeling of tightness, itching, pain, coughing, fever
Psychological disorders, for example when you feel anxiety, panic, fear, or excessive sadness
Other factors, such as nightmares, certain sleep disorders (such as sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome), side effects of medications, unhealthy lifestyles, and so on

Your condition should be evaluated more deeply by a direct examination by a doctor. Depending on the cause, later the doctor can give you different treatments. If deemed necessary, your doctor may refer you to a specialist in sleep disorders to get further treatment.

In the meantime, so that your sleep quality improves, we recommend:

Fill your days with productive activities, such as exercising, working, doing hobbies, etc., so that when it is time to sleep, your body feels tired and sleeps more soundly
Before going to bed, rest yourself first, take a shower with warm water, wear comfortable clothes, and also condition your bed environment to be comfortable
Don't think too much about anything, let alone stress, be afraid, panic, or be sad, until carried away by a dream
Expand to do relaxation, yoga, meditation
Don't take medicine carelessly
Don't also consume excessive caffeine
Stay away from cigarettes and drugs

Hope this helps ...

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