Cause The Lips Are Always Dry Chronically?

Illustration of Cause The Lips Are Always Dry Chronically?
Illustration: Cause The Lips Are Always Dry Chronically?

Hello doctor, I want to ask whether what I experienced was atopic? I have had a long-standing skin disease on my lips. My lips have been dry for the past 5 years, and they continue to dry and they often break, sometimes they bleed and sometimes the color of Orenye breaks and it is very uncomfortable to look at and not Yemeni when I taste and eat, it feels very rough and I am very feel disgusted and embarrassed when I want to talk to people. I often pull the peeled skin off because I feel disgusted. I have been a dermatologist but have only been given medicine and have no effect at all, am I exposed to atopics? My lips have been dry for a long time for almost 5 years and the bloody and orange color has been disgusting. Thank you

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Hello Smart,

Chapped lips can make you feel uncomfortable and sometimes also painful to bleed. This condition can certainly interfere with confidence too. Chapped lips can be affected by the following factors:

Environmental influences: cold temperatures, dry air, and sun exposure
Lack of fluids
Bad habits often lick the lips and exfoliate the lips
Irritation of materials that come in contact with the lips, such as lipstick, toothpaste
Side effects of several types of drugs

To help reduce chapped lips, you can do the following tips:

Drink plenty of water
Avoid licking the lips or peeling the skin of the lips
Use a lip balm that contains SPF, you can also apply petroleum jelly
Use an air humidifier in your room and adjust the room temperature to prevent it from getting too cold
Try to see if there are triggers such as certain ingredients that are often in contact with the lips, if any, immediately stop using the product and replace it with a more hypoallergenic product
Avoid breathing with the mouth
Avoid smoking
Expand vegetables and fruit
Avoid using lipstick until the lip condition improves

If the broken lips are difficult to improve and are accompanied by cracks in the corners of the lips accompanied by infection, then there is the possibility of cheilitis. This condition requires further treatment from a doctor.

The step you went to see a doctor was very appropriate. If you feel there is no improvement after using drugs from a doctor, you should control again with the doctor who treats you or you can seek a second opinion with other doctors directly. The doctor will re-evaluate the success of the treatment and provide additional treatment if needed.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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