Cause The Nail Does Not Grow?

Illustration of Cause The Nail Does Not Grow?
Illustration: Cause The Nail Does Not Grow?

Why does my nails not grow? Is it normal?

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Hello Nia,

Thank you for the question.

Need to be clarified, before you loose your nails out or have you gone through the nail pulling procedure? Are there certain nail treatments that you often do?

The speed of nail growth can vary depending on age, genetic, race, and also the health conditions of each person. In general, normal nails will grow about 0.1 mm per day. This nail growth is found faster on the nails than the feet.

If your nails no longer grow long, and this happens after detaching or after you have taken the nail extraction procedure (for example, because it is sticky), then this condition is often reasonable due to the nail matrix that has not fully recovered. In a few weeks to a few months, as long as the area around your nails is kept clean, and you are disciplined to live a healthy lifestyle, including lots of drinking, consuming a variety of balanced nutritious foods, not smoking, and not also carelessly taking care of nails, often nails it will grow by itself. Although, nail growth is often not as straightforward as it used to be.

However, if your nails suddenly do not grow for some time, then this condition may arise due to malnutrition, infection around the nail (for example due to fungus or other microorganisms), side effects of improper nail care procedures, autoimmune disorders, and many other factors. Check with your doctor or dermatologist so that your condition can be evaluated more deeply for possible causes, and then treated properly.

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