Cause The Skin Is Easily Injured And Becomes Blackish?

Illustration of Cause The Skin Is Easily Injured And Becomes Blackish?
Illustration: Cause The Skin Is Easily Injured And Becomes Blackish?

Afternoon, I want to consult, my skin feels sensitive. just scratched and then the scar was blackened too long the disappearance makes it less confident. So, I want to ask for a consultation on medicine and how to prevent it? Also a fast remedy for removing blackened scars. Thanks

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Hello Dharmamhs,

Thank you for asking

Some people do have skin types that are more prone to injury and inflammation than others. This condition is not always dangerous. However, in some cases, this skin condition can also occur due to atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, xerosis, vascular disorders, immune disorders, and many other diseases. Of course, the presence of wounds and inflammation is not solely affected by your skin type, but also by the cause of trauma to the skin, the treatment performed, and many other factors.

Excessive scratching of the skin can obviously trigger hyperpigmentation which causes scars on the skin to turn black. This condition can affect anyone, and often requires a longer healing time than the original wound itself.

You should check your skin condition directly to a doctor or dermatologist to further evaluate the possibility of the underlying condition, as well as the best treatment to overcome it. Some types of creams or medications can also be prescribed by your doctor to resolve your complaint. In order to fade the black marks, doctors can also recommend that you undergo other medical procedures, for example laser, dermabrasion, photodynamic therapy, peeling, and so on.

For now, you can focus first on doing the following tips:

Diligently wash your hands and shorten your nails regularly Diligent also take a bath so that skin hygiene is maintained properly Do not scratch or rub excessive skin If a wound appears on the skin, wash thoroughly, do not be exhausted before heal perfectly, and do not also be given indiscriminate medication without doctor's advice Always wear comfortable clothes and soft materials Also wear sunscreen and skin moisturizer before activating Drink it, eat fruits and vegetables to nourish the skin from the inside. Hope it helps huh ..

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