Cause The View Becomes Blurry?

Illustration of Cause The View Becomes Blurry?
Illustration: Cause The View Becomes Blurry?

Noon, I have vision problems, after I checked with various ophthalmologists the results all said that my eyes were in good condition, only plus 0.5, so the problem was I had tried up to 3 brands of lenses with the size of the doctor’s results but still blurry.

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Hello Eriek,

Are blurry eyes not accompanied by red eyes? Blurred eyes or decreased visual acuity with calm / not red eyes can be caused by many factors, namely:

Dry eyes
Refractive disorders: eye minus / myopia, eye plus / hypermetropy, eye astigmatism / astigmatism, presbyopia

Open angle glaucoma
Retinopathy (often in people with a history of diabetes and hypertension)
If the eye is suddenly blurred it can be affected by: history of trauma, retinal detachment, maculopathy, toxic optic neuropathy (excessive alcohol consumption), and disorders of the blood vessels and eye innervation

To be sure, of course, you need a direct examination by an ophthalmologist, for example with an ophthalmoscope, slit lamp, visual acuity test, and tonometry. Considering that you have tried to see an ophthalmologist, but feel that you have not received optimal treatment, I suggest that you return to an eye doctor. the last one you go to first so you can do an evaluation of the condition of your eyes. Also consult about you have tried using plus monocle glasses but there has been no improvement. If you are still unsure, you can also seek a second opinion with another eye doctor.

Meanwhile, you can try to do the following tips:

Try not to get tired eyes
Adjust the room lighting
Adjust the eye reading distance
Protect your eyes from exposure to the sun, dust and smoke, for example, wearing sunglasses if you go outside during the day
Eat healthy and nutritious foods
Avoid rubbing your eyes
Avoid smoking

The following articles are related to the topic of your question:

Maintain eye health

Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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