Cause There Are Sores On The Nipple Side Of Breastfeeding Mothers?

I am 25 years old, I have 14 months old, breastfeeding, I want 6 days there is a wound on the side of the nipple, the beginning is very small, the more here “maybe the same as my son, so it enlarges lukany, already want 3 days there is a lump in her breast .. the beginning just a wound … is it normal for breastfeeding mothers or are they dangerous?

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The appearance of sores on the breast nipples of mothers who are breastfeeding most often occurs because of the way the attachment of the mouth to the breast is not good or in older children, injuries to the nipples can occur because the child is biting the mother's breast. The following are some things you can do:

Try to improve the child's mouth attachment to your breast so that the child can suck the nipple more effectively
If the child bites your nipples, do not immediately pull the breast out of his mouth (this can also cause sores to appear or cause sores to get bigger). Slide your finger between the child's breast and mouth, then release the attachment slowly.
Tell your child not to bite your nipples again when breastfeeding, repeat the steps above if the child continues to bite the nipples.
After the child has finished breastfeeding, apply a small amount of breast milk around the injured breast, you can also apply lanolin cream around the injured breast

If the wound in the breast is getting bigger or looks infected, immediately consult a doctor.

Regarding the lump in your breast, you should find out in advance the cause of the lump. Lumps in the breast of a breastfeeding woman are most often caused by a blockage in the milk outlet. These lumps are usually very painful and will become more painful when there is a reflex when you are breastfeeding. If you experience this, you can compress your breasts with a warm compress and breastfeed your child from the breast that has this blockage first. Try to feed the child in the child's position below and the breast hanging so that gravity can also help release the blockage in the outlet of your milk.

If the lump feels more painful, your breasts look swollen and red, the milk production from the breasts appears to be reduced, or even the lumps do not cause pain at all, check yourself to the doctor for further evaluation.

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