Cause To Feel Afraid When You Hear The Sound Of Rain

Illustration of Cause To Feel Afraid When You Hear The Sound Of Rain
Illustration: Cause To Feel Afraid When You Hear The Sound Of Rain

Hello … I want to ask you about my fear of hearing the sound of heavy rain that makes me tremble, restlessness, cold sweat, and my heart beats fast when heavy rain falls. But I don’t mind if it’s rained or rained on, I’m just afraid to hear the sound of rain when I’m in the room especially when I’m alone. Is that included in a phobia? Thank you in advance

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Hello Aisyanah, thank you for the question.

Phobias are an excessive fear of things that are usually harmless. Based on the type of phobia can be divided into 2 namely specific phobias and complex phobias. You can read more detailed explanation here.

Related to your question, with the fear of a particular situation and the symptoms caused in the form of anxiety, trembling, cold sweat, to heart palpitations may lead to specific phobias. This can occur due to several things including:

Past trauma in that situation
There are brothers who experience the same phobia
The family factor is too restrictive or just doesn't care
Experiencing stress for a long time
Certain mental and medical conditions

But some conditions can also cause complaints such as overall anxiety disorder, panic attacks, depression, and so on. Therefore, to know for certain, a thorough examination must be carried out by those who have competence in this matter, namely psychiatric specialists.

Right now what you can do is:

Healthy lifestyles
Enough rest
Manage stress well
Self relaxation
Exchange stories with trusted people or other people with the same phobia to share solutions

If the complaint has disrupted your daily activities, social life, and productivity go immediately to the doctor to get further treatment.

So, hopefully useful.

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