Causes 2-month-old Babies Spit Up And Cry After Feeding?

Illustration of Causes 2-month-old Babies Spit Up And Cry After Feeding?
Illustration: Causes 2-month-old Babies Spit Up And Cry After Feeding?

Hello, I want to ask my child is only 2 months old, he is male “he is exclusively breastfed he can drink for hours ” but after that he is always vomited and cried to ask for breastfeeding again, if he is not breastfed he will cry continuously so I breastfeed and throw up again this has happened for 1 week, so what should I do to keep giving milk or let it cry?

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Some things often cause babies to cry, namely:
1. Baby hungry or thirsty. This is the first thing mothers should think about, immediately breastfeed the baby. This is an advantage if the baby suckles directly into the breast of the mother. Breast milk can be given immediately and the baby calms down. Mothers need to know, babies can suckle more often, even every half hour. The longest distance between babies to suckle is every 3 hours.
2. The baby feels that the diaper is no longer comfortable.
3. Babies are BAK, farting or being defecated. Sometimes the sensation makes the baby surprised and uncomfortable.
4. A cold baby can be caused by the loose padding or wet baby clothes due to sweat or bedwetting.
5. Babies experience colic or abdominal pain due to intestinal contractility disorders. The mother can pay attention whether the baby has defecated on that day or whether the baby is less than 6 months old has been given food other than breast milk and formula milk.
6. Babies experience other pain. Immediately check the baby's body temperature using a thermometer and check the sound of the baby's airways.
Generally, babies will experience spit up after feeding. Spit up is the release of food that has just been eaten from the stomach. Spit up occurs due to the sphincter between the stomach and esophagus has not been able to work perfectly to prevent food that has arrived in the stomach out back into the esophagus. To reduce the incidence of spit up, you should avoid breastfeeding your baby in a sleeping position. After the baby suckles immediately position the baby upright by leaning on the body and shoulders of the mother while the mother patted the baby's shoulder.
If your baby is still with suckling, you can continue. Sometimes the amount of mother's milk is less than what the baby needs, so it takes longer for the baby to suckle or the baby to get hungry fast.
If the baby experiences complaints that the mother is conveying at this time accompanied by the baby's weight and height are below the green line based on the KMS chart (a card to be healthy) or accompanied by signs of illness (the child looks sick, inactive, the distended belly is getting bloated so it looks shiny or there is interference BAB) should bring the baby in consultation with a pediatrician. So that the baby can undergo further tests and appropriate treatment according to the cause.
In order to meet the nutritional needs of the baby, the mother's milk must be of high quality. Some ways you can do it, namely:
1. Eat nutritious foods, high in calories and protein.
2. Consumption of lots of water, which must be more than 2 L a day.
3. Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables more than before giving birth.
4. Consumption of milk.
5. Get enough rest.
6. Manage stress wisely
Thus hopefully useful.

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