Causes 6-month Babies To Vomit Suddenly?

Illustration of Causes 6-month Babies To Vomit Suddenly?
Illustration: Causes 6-month Babies To Vomit Suddenly?

Good night, r nDok, I want to ask. R nBefore introducing, my name is SARAH HANDAYANI I am 22 years old, I have only one son who is 6 months old. R nSy wants to ask, just now my child has experienced vomiting … and I don’t know what the cause is, because it doesn’t matter why in the morning. Now this just suddenly puked, and I panicked. According to the doctor what should I do, ?? Thank you, good night

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In small babies, we must be able to distinguish spit up or vomit, because they are similar. Spit up is a condition where there is reflux / flow of drinking or food from the stomach due to the muscle that separates the stomach and esophagus has not functioned perfectly in infants. A characteristic feature of spit up is that food is still the same as what is eaten, and without spraying. Meanwhile, if vomiting, food is usually yellowish / greenish, and the effort to expel the patient's food and spurts.

Vomiting can be caused by:

Bacterial / viral infections of the digestive tract
Food poisoning
Injury / impact on the head
Urinary tract infection
Blockage of the digestive tract

If vomiting occurs repeatedly, you should check with your child to the pediatrician to be examined directly so that the cause of the disease will be known and the child's condition can be managed appropriately.

As for what should be done to prevent deterioration:

Feed / drink children with smaller amounts but more often.
After drinking milk, don't lay the child directly
If there are signs of nausea, hold the child in a standing position and pat his back gently.

If vomiting occurs very often, and there are signs of dehydration in infants such as appearing weak, sleeping more often, wheezing, fever, do not delay to consult a doctor or immediately to the nearest emergency room.

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