Causes A Lump In The Upper Neck That Only Feels To The Touch?

Illustration of Causes A Lump In The Upper Neck That Only Feels To The Touch?
Illustration: Causes A Lump In The Upper Neck That Only Feels To The Touch?

I am 21 years old, I want to ask, there has been a lump in my neck for more than a week, the lumps are not visible, but are palpable when touched. My ears are also dry and itchy. How? Is the lump on the neck always dangerous or maybe there are other factors? Please explain. Thank you.

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lumps that appear on the neck are also usually accompanied by pain or even no pain at all to the touch. In some cases, this lump in the neck is indeed harmless. However, if one day you or one of the family members has a lump in the neck, immediately consult a doctor. Because, it could be a lump in the neck is one symptom of you being attacked by a more serious disease.

The following are some diseases that are known to be due to a lump in the neck:

  Mumps: enlargement that occurs in the thyroid gland inflammation of the tonsils: Tonsils themselves are two small glands that are in the throat lymph node disorders: an increase in immune cells in the lymph nodes is what makes the enlargement or swelling. salivary gland stones: chemicals found in saliva can sometimes precipitate and form small stones. The stone can clog the flow of saliva into your mouth. This condition can cause a lump in the neck. You should immediately consult a doctor related to the neck lumps both accompanied by pain or not especially if the lump is getting bigger, so the doctor can do a direct examination with a physical examination, and if necessary will do a check for blood checks, photographs rongen, ultrasound and biopsy, thus the doctor can provide appropriate therapy such as medication taken or surgery.

the inner ear canal requires its own humidity. If your ears are dry, your ears cannot produce enough wax or moisture, the effect can be itchy as a result. When the ear does not have enough moisture, sometimes the ears will peel off as a sign that your ears are not damp. You should use soap that is rich in moisturaizer or baby soap or products that contain Petrolatum, avoid rubbing excessive earlobe until reddish and you can use a moisturizer and use sunblock when you travel out. if you have done this and nothing has changed there can consult a doctor about it

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