Causes A Sore Nose When In An Air-conditioned Room?

Illustration of Causes A Sore Nose When In An Air-conditioned Room?
Illustration: Causes A Sore Nose When In An Air-conditioned Room?

hello, I want to ask about breathing. I have been treated at 2 hospitals but the results are still the same, the doctor said if I have inflammation but until 2 weeks it has not healed well and my condition is getting worse.

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A sore and sore nose, especially when in contact with AC, accompanied by watery eyes, dizziness, difficulty sleeping, nausea, and pain between the eyes may be a symptom of rhinosinusitis, or inflammation of the nasal cavity and sinus. As is known, the inner lining of the nasal cavity and sinuses is composed of mucous membranes (mucosa) which can become inflamed when in contact with cold or dry air, as happens when you are in an air-conditioned room for too long. The effect of this inflammation is that the nasal mucosa can swell, redness, runny, feel itchy or sore. This condition can also make the outlet of the sinus cavity blocked, until finally the sinus cavity becomes inflamed. This inflammation will later cause the eyes come watery, nausea, dizziness, and pain between the two eyeballs as you experience. The pain and pain that appears can be so great that it disrupts your sleep.

Rhinosinusitis can be a variety of possible triggers. In addition to exposure to cold and dry air, this condition can also arise due to the influence of allergies, viral or bacterial infections, immune disorders, anatomical abnormalities around the nasal cavity, side effects or even the presence of tumors around the nasal cavity.

So that your condition is handled properly, you should check your condition to the nearest ENT specialist doctor. Further examination, for example rhinoscopy, nasal endoscopy, x-rays, laboratory, allergic tests, CT scans, etc. can also be done by a doctor to be able to identify treatments best for your condition, is it enough to administer drugs, surgery, or maybe need another therapeutic modality.

In addition to undergoing treatment according to doctor's advice, so that your complaints improve more optimally, you need to do also:

Avoid exposure to cold and excessive dry air, for example by not always turning on the air conditioner, use a humidifier water so that the air is more humid, drink plenty of warm water, take a shower with warm water, and limit first traveling outside the home
Get plenty of rest, don't just get physically tired
Take time to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day
Stay away from substances that might make you allergic, for example cold, dust, pollen, animal hair
Don't smoke, stay away from the smoke too
Do not contact with pollution or harmful chemical fumes
Use a mask
Eat more fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C
Perform nasal irrigation, using a syringe that has been removed, then filled with NaCl (intravenous fluid), and alternately sprayed into the right and left nasal cavity
Take paracetamol to help relieve dizziness, pain, and pain that appears
Do not carelessly take other medicines without doctor's advice

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