Causes Allergies Throughout The Body?

Illustration of Causes Allergies Throughout The Body?
Illustration: Causes Allergies Throughout The Body?

Hello, I’m 24 years old. I have allergies for almost 2 months. Reddish spots such as blood appear around the feet. My head, ears, and even my eyelids appear swollen with bumps. The whole body also appears thick rashes. What is the cause of the allergy, thank you.

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Complaints of reddish spots such as blood around the legs, head ears and eyelids bump and swelling accompanied by a thick rash, can be caused by several things. to determine the cause, more information is needed, such as whether there is a history of allergies to you, both food allergies, drugs, dust and so on. If you do have a history of allergies, have you been exposed to what you have been allergic to in the last two months or not, and in the last two months have you always been exposed to the allergen or not. If indeed you have a history of allergies, and you are always exposed to these allergens, chances are the skin reaction is caused by allergies. The cause of the allergy can study yourself, find out from yourself what possible allergic causes, by the way when you eat food or medicine or are exposed to dust and so on, allergic reactions like this arise, but when you stay away from all exposure to the allergen, complaints will decrease .

There are also other possible causes that can cause similar complaints, such as a reaction due to objects or substances that are irritating to the skin or commonly referred to as irritant contact dermatitis. usually the most frequent causes are chemicals such as detergents, floor cleaners, soap and so on. this can be overcome by stopping the use of these substances.

Another possibility is urticaria or commonly known as biduran. Urticaria is usually caused due to allergic reactions, stress, heredity or genetic makeup, and can be caused by impaired immune processes. In this urticaria complaints can be in the form of bumps throughout the body, usually accompanied by itching and redness.

For complaints of thick rashes, what is meant by plaque like scales? if accompanied by a rash with scaly plaque, another possible cause is called psoriasis. This psoriasis is a disorder of the skin caused by the presence of immune factors, heredity and is greatly influenced by stress as well. Typical symptoms of this psoriasis are the presence of plaque or patches or thick and scaly rashes.

It is recommended to do an examination to a dermatologist so you can find out the cause, diagnosis and get a more complete treatment.

While at home, you can take precautions including:

- maintain personal hygiene and the environment by bathing using soap at least 2x a day

-Change clothes regularly and do not change with other people's use

-Knowing the cause of allergies by finding out the symptoms that occur in yourself and exposure to possible allergens

self-control, heart, mind from things that cause stress

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