Causes An Enlarged Anal Lump Up To The Testicles

Illustration of Causes An Enlarged Anal Lump Up To The Testicles
Illustration: Causes An Enlarged Anal Lump Up To The Testicles

Not even a month, my friend felt swollen in the anus. Sometimes when sitting there is pain, restless sleep, until it is difficult to defecate. Then he was taken to the hospital in his village, because when he was treated, his ulcer added to the swelling, the swelling got hit by the penile egg sac. When treated at day 3 of the hospital in his village, the doctor suggested surgery. After the operation, I asked my friend, he said it was easy. But, usually after the operation is not immediately taken to the hospital room (normal) the hospital, after the operation was immediately taken to the normal room (room hospitalization). It’s really not a hospital SOP. My question. What is my friend sick?

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Let me introduce myself that Dr. Rio will answer your question.

Based on complaints that your friend has experienced, there are several possible diseases that occur .. Some of these possibilities are:


From the complaint you mentioned, it's still not specific enough to lead to a diagnosis of the disease. In addition, a clear physical examination is needed about the lump / swelling in the anal area to confirm the disease. There are diseases above that need to be treated surgically and there can be through medication alone. This depends also on the severity of the illness experienced by your friend.

If it has been treated by a doctor, you should ask the hospital diagnosis who treats your friend, both the treating doctor or the nurse who is on duty in the part where your friend is being treated. And as for the applicable SOPs, I cannot give opinions / comments because every hospital sometimes has different SOPs. Patients who have performed surgery will be monitored temporarily in the observation room. If the patient's condition is stable, then it will be moved to the usual treatment room / ward.

That's all the answers I can give. Thank you :)

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