Causes And Characteristics Of Post Power Syndrome?

Illustration of Causes And Characteristics Of Post Power Syndrome?
Illustration: Causes And Characteristics Of Post Power Syndrome?

Night. I want to ask, what exactly is post power syndrome, what are the initial causes and what are the more specific symptoms? thank you

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Hello Indah, thank you for asking

Based on his understanding, post power syndrome is a collection of symptoms experienced by someone with old age and who has retired or no longer has a position at work. Post power syndrome is one of the mild mental balance disorders, so the sufferer still shadows his past while still in office, a career, being a leader, etc., but the sufferer cannot accept the changed conditions that are now being experienced. Feeling unable to accept, it can cause physical, social and spiritual disturbance.

There are several characteristics of someone who has post power syndrome, including:

people who like to be respected and respected by others, their requests are always obeyed and like to be served by others.
people who need recognition from others because of lack of self-esteem
people who put meaning in their lives on a prestige position and the ability to regulate the lives of others / have power over others.

The occurrence of post power syndrome is still not clearly and in detail found, it's just that this is greatly influenced by the reaction of environmental factors where there is a state of retirement or not working, reduced activity and no power as before it was all received with negative feelings. and in certain people, this can be a trigger for conditions such as shock. As a result, feelings arise as inferior, feeling small, worthless, and no longer needed.

The symptoms that appear in someone with post power syndrome, will be very easily known when the sufferer interacts with other people. Some things that are symptoms of this mild mental illness are:

physical symptoms in the form of faster occurrence of aging than when the patient is still actively working. Hair faster graying, wrinkled, moody, sickly and the body becomes weak.
emotional symptoms such as being easily offended, feeling worthless, wanting to withdraw from the social environment / hiding, easily depressed, hopeless, restless
behavioral symptoms such as embarrassment to meet other people, easy to do patterns of violence, showing anger both at home or elsewhere, aggressive, like to attack

To determine whether the condition experienced is really post power syndrome, or because of other psychological illnesses, it should be checked directly to a psychiatrist to dig deeper into the symptoms and causes of the emergence of symptoms, so that the diagnosis can upright, and management can be given appropriately. Or if needed, other investigations can also be done such as a scrambled record (EEG), MMPI test, laboratory tests or others that can help the doctor in establishing the diagnosis.

While always talking with the patient so that he does not feel alone and feel worthless, always invite him to participate in all activities, and give a new activity in accordance with interests and talents that may not have been developed so that there will be a feeling of worth in him, and can reduce the symptoms experienced.

So that we can convey, hopefully useful. Thanks.

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