Causes And Coping With Increased White Blood Cells?

Illustration of Causes And Coping With Increased White Blood Cells?
Illustration: Causes And Coping With Increased White Blood Cells?

Hello good evening doctor, introduce me daughter, I want to ask, I often experience weakness, dizziness and dizzy view. I checked at his hospital sick and declared white blood cells when it rises. I have also been given medicine, but until now my dizziness has not disappeared as well, what causes my white blood cells to increase and how do I deal with it, doctor?

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Hello Zahra,

Thank you for asking

Lackiness, dizziness, and dizzy vision there are many possible causes. If this complaint appears accompanied by elevated levels of white blood cells in the blood (leukocytosis), it is most likely that this complaint occurs related to an infection, for example respiratory infections (such as pneumonia), digestive infections (such as typhoid fever), brain infections and supporting tissues (such as meningitis) , or also other organ systems. Detecting the cause and location of this infection certainly requires a comprehensive examination, not only laboratory, but also in-depth interviews related to complaints that arise, physical examination from head to toe, and various other supporting tests as needed. Therefore, the doctor who examines you directly knows best.

In addition to infection, leukocytosis may also be caused by other factors, for example malignancy (especially blood cancer), immune disorders, or other inflammatory disorders (such as rheumatoid arthritis, vasculitis, etc.). These conditions can also make you feel weak, dizzy, and dizzy. Can also, weakness, dizziness, and dizzy indicate that you have anemia, hypotension, hypoglycemia, heart problems, lack of nutrition, dehydration, psychosomatic disorders, or other diseases.

As we have emphasized above, so that you can properly identify the cause of your complaint and be given the right treatment, you should go to your doctor or specialist in internal medicine. At home, you can take the following steps to make the complaint improve:

Get plenty of rest, go to bed early
Eat regularly, a little but often
Make sure the food you consume is worth balanced nutrition, don't just eat
Drink more
Diligent exercise every day
Do not smoke
Stay away from alcohol, especially drugs
Do not carelessly take medicine without doctor's advice

Hope this helps ...

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