Causes And Coping With Moods That Are Not Clear?

lately my mood is not organized sometimes I am sad and always want to scold people who talk to me but a few moments later my mood is back again as usual, is that normal or not?

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Changes in mood are things that can not be avoided in everyday life in the face of various problems and environmental conditions. It is natural that we feel sad when we lose something valuable, for example, or angry when someone does something bad to us. However, mood changes such as sadness or excessive anger (not supposed to) or appearing with frequent frequency can also have a bad impact, and can be a sign of a certain personality disorder.

Some conditions or diseases that can cause symptoms of mood changes are like:

Pre-menstrual syndrome, is a change in emotions and mood in women about one week before menstruation, which occurs due to hormonal changes in the body. In this condition women can become more sensitive than usual, but within a few days they can return to normal. Depression, is a mood disorder with the most prominent feelings of sadness. Often accompanied by feelings of no use, not eager to do things that are usually preferred, more often alone, to the thought of suicide. Panic disorder, is an attack where the patient suddenly feels anxiety, panic, fear that can appear anytime and anywhere. In panic disorder, this attack can occur repeatedly, and can trigger organic disorders, such as heart beating faster, shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches, and others. Overall anxiety disorder, which is excessive anxiety and cannot be controlled, so that it starts to interfere with activity and rest. Bipolar disorder, a mood disorder characterized by a sudden change of mood, from feeling sad (depressive symptoms) then suddenly feeling very happy (symptoms of mania) But you don't need to worry. There are several things you can do to prevent these diseases:

Get used to expressing or telling problems that you experience to the people closest, such as family, spouse, or friends. In addition to reducing the burden on the mind, listening to the views of others can help to find out whether the feeling of sadness or anger that you feel is needed or not. Do positive things that you enjoy, like sports, art, socializing with coworkers, and others. Set regular rest patterns Consumption of nutritious foods Avoid cigarettes and alcohol consumption If you have done these things but you still feel disturbed by changes in your mood, or feel it has often appeared and began to interfere with work activities, socialization and rest your day days, don't hesitate to consult a psychiatrist about this, so that appropriate treatment can be given.

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