Causes And Cures For Small Lumps In The Anus?

Illustration of Causes And Cures For Small Lumps In The Anus?
Illustration: Causes And Cures For Small Lumps In The Anus?

Noon, I have 1 small lump around the anus (sorry) so it’s a little uncomfortable when I sit for a long time. What I want to ask is whether it is hemorrhoids or not because I don’t have problems when the chapter and also runs smoothly every day and don’t bleed at the time of the chapter … I was given the ointment nebacetin ointment by the pharmacy, can this ointment cure the lump? please explain, thank you.

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Good afternoon, thanks for the question

Complaints of a lump around the anus can be caused by conditions including:

1. External hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids, namely dilation of veins around the anus. If it has blocked blood flow it can cause complaints of a hard lump, very painful, sometimes even bleeding.
2. Anal abscess, which is the formation of pus-filled ulcers due to infection of the glands around the anus. Lumps are painful and appear reddish.
3. Skin tags
Skin tags are flesh growing on the surface of the skin which is small and resembles warts. Generally skin tags are not dangerous and do not cause pain.

To determine the exact diagnosis, the doctor needs to evaluate the main symptoms and accompanying symptoms, including a history of previous CHAPTER habits, direct physical examination, and supporting examinations if needed.

Associated with the nebacetin ointment is a topical type of antibiotic that is useful for infectious conditions. In the case of hemorrhoids and skin tags are not based on the infection process so it cannot be treated with these types of drugs. While anal abscesses can be treated with antibiotics by other than oral antibiotics.

It is better to check first with a doctor because each cause requires a different treatment. Using drugs without clear medical indications should be avoided to avoid adverse side effects.

If accompanied by complaints of pain around the anus then to reduce it can do the following:
1. Soak in warm water for 20 minutes.
2. Increase consumption of high fiber foods and water.
3. Lots of movement and regular exercise.

That's all, hope you can help.

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