Causes And Effects Of Infection During Pregnancy?

Illustration of Causes And Effects Of Infection During Pregnancy?
Illustration: Causes And Effects Of Infection During Pregnancy?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at The process of infection during pregnancy will be the same in pregnant women with non-pregnant women, namely the entry of disease-causing agents, can be a virus, bacteria, or fungus into the body and then multiply. The entry can be from what he eats, can be from the skin, can be from the genitals and can be from the air, depending on what is infected.

The focus of infection in pregnancy is if the infection is caused by TORCH, which is a summary of Toxoplasma, Other, Rubella, CMV and Herpes. TORCH is the name of a group of diseases which, when attacking pregnant women, can have a dangerous impact on pregnancy and the fetus, such as birth defects, fetal blindness or deafness, miscarriages, and fetal death. This is because the infection interferes with pregnancy and ongoing fetal development. For pregnant women, it is not uncommon for this infection to be felt just like the symptoms of the common cold with a cold and cough and cold, but for the fetus, the effects are very visible.

To avoid this, TORCH testing and vaccines are very important for women planning to become pregnant with. These tests and vaccines can be done at most pharmacies, obstetricians' clinics, and hospitals. In your case, if by chance your wife is pregnant and this examination has not been done, you better immediately take your wife to the obstetrician for an examination and determined the next treatment.

Meanwhile, avoid your wife from consuming food that is not cooked, keep her body clean, consume vitamins and pregnancy supplements as recommended and routine control to the obstetrician. So, hopefully answering your question.

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