Causes And How To Overcome Seizures?

Illustration of Causes And How To Overcome Seizures?
Illustration: Causes And How To Overcome Seizures?

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Need to be clarified, what exactly was the spasm that your husband experienced before? According to the doctor, what caused the seizure?

Seizures indicate a disruption in electrical activity in the brain, causing muscles to experience contractions and relaxation quickly, repeatedly, and uncontrolled. This condition can occur in general due to the following 2 conditions:

Causes of seizures originating from abnormalities in the head (intracranial), for example: Head injuries, which cause intracranial hemorrhage Stroke Infection, for example encephalitis, meningitis Congenital abnormalities, such as epilepsy Brain tumors : Metabolic disorders, for example disorders of glucose balance, potassium, sodium, magnesium infections, for example tetanus Tramadol poisoning, alcohol, etc. The treatment of seizures is done with a variety of approaches. When an attack occurs, what needs to be done is to ensure that the patient's vital signs remain stable, breathing is not interrupted, and seizures stop, namely by giving anti-seizure drugs as the doctor did before your husband. Furthermore, to prevent recurrent seizures, a comprehensive examination is needed to determine the origin of the cause of the seizure, whether due to intracranial or extracranial abnormalities, namely through a series of examinations, such as laboratory tests, CT scans, X-rays, MRI, EEG, and so on. In this way, handling can be done thoroughly so that recurrence can be minimized. Sometimes, seizure treatment can be done almost for a lifetime, for example in patients with epilepsy, where the administration of seizures should only be stopped if the patient has been free from seizures for at least 2 years. However, in seizures with different triggers, then the handling can certainly be different again.

Without a direct examination, it is difficult for us to identify the cause of the seizure that your husband experienced. Therefore, we recommend that you consult directly with the neurologist who treated your husband beforehand. Doctors who treat directly, of course, better know what kind of handling is appropriate to do so that the spasms that your husband experienced subsided and did not recur.

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