Causes And Overcome Drastic Weight Gain?

Illustration of Causes And Overcome Drastic Weight Gain?
Illustration: Causes And Overcome Drastic Weight Gain?

I am 21th Bb, now I am 85kg, I used to be 60kg, but I have been worshiping since I left. I often diet but don’t lose weight. Weight gain is also very fast. Do I have to consult a nutrition doctor first? So why when I stop my breast diet getting bigger? This makes me uncomfortable

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Hello Cahayaning, Thank you for the question.

In how much weight does this 25 kg increase occur? What is your diet and do you exercise regularly? Do you have other symptoms such as menstrual disorders, excessive hair growth or hair loss, interference with bowel movements, headaches, or other complaints?

Excessive nutritional intake that is not matched by regular exercise can cause weight gain. The wrong diet that promises rapid weight loss is tempting but usually such a diet can cause weight to return to the original or even increase. The recommended weight loss is as much as 0.5 kg to 1 kg per week. Even though it seems slow, but weight loss with that target will be more liveable and more effective in the long run. The following are some suggestions for weight loss:

have a strong commitment and familiarize yourself with a consistently healthier diet
Try not to leave breakfast
reduce calorie intake by increasing consumption of plant foods, vegetables, fruits, nuts
consume carbohydrate-source foods such as rice, bread, pasta, potatoes as much as one third of the food portion
choose low-fat protein sources such as fish, lean meat, eggs, low-fat dairy products
consume diet milk for food substitutes for example for breakfast and dinner
Limit consumption of meat with fat, cheese, milk
Avoid consumption of fried foods
Avoid consuming sweet foods and drinks
avoid consumption of fast food and packaged food
exercise regularly for at least 5 days a week, each for at least 30 minutes. Sports that can be chosen are aerobics, brisk walking, swimming, cycling

Make changes to the above healthy style consistently and do not return to the old lifestyle if you have experienced weight loss. Changes in diet (diet) especially those that can cause drastic hormonal disorders that can affect your breasts; You can feel your breasts swelling or pain.

Don't hesitate to consult a nutrition specialist if you have difficulty adjusting your diet. Your doctor will ask further about your lifestyle and medical history to find out if there are certain medical conditions that underlie this complaint such as hypothyroidism, polycystic ovary syndrome, Cushing's syndrome, depression, side effects of taking drugs, or other diseases. Your doctor may do a blood test to make sure. If you have certain medical conditions that underlie this drastic weight gain, the doctor will refer you to another specialist for further examination and treatment.

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Hopefully this information is useful.

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