Causes And Overcome Prolonged Depression?

Illustration of Causes And Overcome Prolonged Depression?
Illustration: Causes And Overcome Prolonged Depression?

I want to ask … I am the mother of 2 children … I want to ask about what I feel … I have been living for 5 months without socializing normally … 2 months early I locked myself in my room, didn’t want to eat or not take a shower and not take care of the child and husband and daydream more … initially because my little child was sick and cranky so that I didn’t sleep 3 days 3 nights and at first the first child was sick … I was afraid to see my ankle hurts all I thought of .. .stlh it’s me who is sick and don’t understand what I am sick of … I still don’t want to leave the house and communicate with anyone … I feel like I’m a g ** a … because I see I locked myself in my 5 year old son. so it’s like me … until the scale goes down … everything that happens so I think … I don’t have to know how to get back to normal like usual … every day I just get bored and fed up with this kind of situation … Some say I have a mental disorder and some say chronic and Islamic ulcers … I have to talk about it

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Hello Sary,

Thank you for asking

Increased stomach acid alone should not cause complaints like you are experiencing at the moment. But indeed, psychological pressure that is quite deep when faced with difficult life situations, including when children are young and often sick, can trigger depression in some sensitive people. Depression is the possibility that ultimately causes you to be lazy to socialize with the environment, likes to shut yourself up, lazy to take a shower, lazy to eat, lazy to take care of family, and often daydreaming. This condition should be recognized and handled early so that it is not sustainable. It is feared, prolonged depression, can cause your self-functioning disrupted and you will tend to take actions that can endanger yourself and others around you.

Try to check yourself directly to the doctor or psychiatric specialist so that a deeper evaluation is carried out, for example through psychiatric interviews and some other supporting tests. This examination is also needed to rule out other psychiatric disorders, such as post traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, psychiatric disorders affected by alcohol or drugs, and so on. Furthermore, treatment can be given by doctors with a variety of approaches, such as psychotherapy, administration of certain drugs, group therapy, and so on.

At this time, we recommend that you do the following tips:

Calm yourself, multiply worship and self-introspection
Remember the original purpose of your life, do not be distracted by other thoughts that are not important
Find solutions to the problems you face, don't just think about it too complicated
Be sincere in your duties as wife and mother, intending to worship
Do things that make you happy, also involve your children and husband
Broaden your relationships, realize that each person is forged with his own life test, not just you
Try to carry out your task with the best effort, and leave the results ONLY to God
Do not hesitate to find friends to share when you are feeling bored, bored, sad, for example to husbands, colleagues, relatives, parents, religious leaders, doctors, and so on
Always live a healthy and balanced lifestyle
Stay away from cigarettes, alcohol, especially drugs

Hope this helps ...

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