Causes And Overcome Stomach Pain And Anal Pain?

Illustration of Causes And Overcome Stomach Pain And Anal Pain?
Illustration: Causes And Overcome Stomach Pain And Anal Pain?

Hello. I am Zahra, I want to ask. I have had mules mules for a few days, but the chapter only comes out a little, in the anal area it feels painful or lumpy. What is that caused ??? And that includes what disease ??

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Hello Salma Azz, thanks for asking

Abdominal pain or often conditioned with a feeling of "mules" is an uncomfortable sensation that is felt in the stomach in the form of pain, twisting, or a feeling like wanting to defecate. Some things can cause these conditions for example:

Gastroenteritis or inflammation of the intestine or gastrointestinal tract that causes complaints such as abdominal pain and liquid bowel movements can also be accompanied by complaints of nausea, fever, vomiting. This condition can be caused by infection with viruses, bacteria, parasites or other microbes. Besides gastroenteritis is also often caused by food poisoning. Constipation or constipation, is a frequency of defecation that is less than usual. Or if the frequency of bowel movements is less than 3 times a week, then someone is called experiencing constipation. As a result, the stool becomes dry and hard so that it is more difficult to remove from the anus causing pain in the anus. It also can be accompanied by heartburn or pain in the abdomen such as wrapped around. Pre-menstrual syndrome, symptoms of abdominal pain that are often described as heartburn experienced by women when going into the menstrual cycle Typhoid fever, typhoid fever or typhus is an infection caused by typhus bacteria that attacks the digestive tract, namely the intestine. Complaints in the form of a fever that is usually more than 1 week, besides accompanied by abdominal pain, a case of heartburn, liquid baba, or can be constipation or constipation. Basically, abdominal pain is a symptom that can be a sign of a problem or other medical condition. Abdominal pain and heartburn accompanied by liquid bowel movements or diarrhea or increased frequency CHAPTER often caused by gastroenteritis. Generally this complaint is not a serious condition, and usually can improve by itself and still maintain fluid requirements so as not to dehydrate.

If your stomach symptoms don't improve or are accompanied by symptoms such as:

Vomiting for several days Can not enter the intake as will and drink because of nausea and vomiting Lacking High fever Can not defecate or defecate Stomach feels very painful when touched Chapter defecate blood or mucus If found these symptoms should be consulted by a doctor at the nearest health facility in order to get the right treatment for you.

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