Causes And Overcomes Babies Who Often Cry Excessively At Night?

Previously, thank you, Doctor Farah, for answering my questions. often crying at night, screaming screaming and very difficult to calm, given Asi still crying even more so. Even though the temperature in my house is not too hot, the baby still cries at night r nHow do I deal with babies who often cry (at night) without cause?

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Frequently, babies become fussy, restless, cry easily, and have trouble sleeping due to the discomfort they experience. This discomfort can come from within his own body, or it can also be from the surrounding environment. Here are some of the possible triggers:

Discomfort in the baby's body, for example due to colic, bloating, fever, itching, tightness, pain
Discomfort in the environment around the baby, for example due to the use of air conditioners or fans that are too cold, hot, stuffy, glare, noisy, and so on

It could also, babies become fussy because they are experiencing growth spurt, which is a natural growth acceleration experienced by babies aged 0 to 6 months of their lives.

So, babies are more easily fussy and have trouble sleeping rather than without cause. It's just that, as parents, we are often less sensitive in receiving signals given by our babies.

It is better if you check your baby directly to the doctor or pediatrician. That way, the doctor can evaluate whether there are dangerous conditions for your child that needs special treatment. If not, it could be that the doctor will not provide any treatment other than education. However, if there is one, your doctor may recommend your child to undergo further tests, such as laboratory tests, x-rays, CT scans, and so on.

We recommend that you first try to resolve your child's complaint with the following steps:

Give the baby ONLY breast milk until the age of 6 months (unless the doctor recommends something else)
Feed your baby regularly 1 to 3 hours, don't wait for him to get too hungry and cry loudly
Before going to sleep, feed the baby first until full, burp him, then sleep, do not make it a habit to breastfeed the baby to sleep, especially in a lying position
Calm the baby when crying, by hugging and humming rhythm that makes him comfortable
Apply a disciplined sleep and wake pattern to the baby every day
Create a comfortable bed environment for the baby, not too hot, cold, glare, or noisy
Encourage the baby to be active in the morning to evening, so that the quality of his sleep at night improves
Do not carelessly massage the baby or give medicine to the baby (without a doctor's prescription)

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