Causes And Overcomes Pus From The Penis That Doesn’t Heal?

Illustration of Causes And Overcomes Pus From The Penis That Doesn’t Heal?
Illustration: Causes And Overcomes Pus From The Penis That Doesn’t Heal?

I already went to the nearest doctor and I was given an injection and the initial 200 thousand funds were given 1x injection and given the drug lexoplix and dimnum2x shri and both of them I got injected again and the cost was 50 thousand and the third I was injected again, the cost was 50 thousand, the total treatment was 300 thousand. And on the third day all the medicine was given by the doctor after my disease I did not drain the pus anymore, it was dry … am I still seeing a doctor again or how can I still have a wife for 1 pair, I’m afraid that my disease will return to my wife’s clone. . Please answer, thank you

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The discharge of pus accompanied by blood from the penis can actually be caused by many factors. However, if you look at the history of medication your doctor has given you before, it is possible that you are experiencing an infection. There are several types of infections that can cause the penis to secrete pus and blood, the most common being gonorrhea, which is caused by the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae.

These bacteria are generally transmitted through unsafe sexual activity, be it vaginal, anal or oral. In men, in addition to causing abnormal discharge from the penis, it can also cause pain in the genitals and lower abdomen which is quite intense, especially when urinating. In addition, if it affects the eyes or throat, this infection can also cause watery, sore, itchy, sore eyes, and sore throat, phlegm, and various other complaints.

Overcoming gonorrhea is done by administering antibiotics, either by injection or by drinking. After treatment, the disease is generally declared cured after clinical improvement, ie no longer abnormal penile secretions or pain around the genitals and lower abdomen. If you have experienced this improvement, you may have recovered from the infection. However, to be sure, you should re-control the doctor who examined you. It is feared that there are other conditions besides gonorrhea that trigger your complaints, for example syphilis, chlamydia, HIV / AIDS, urinary tract stones, fistulas, and so on.

If it is true that your complaint occurs due to gonorrhea and the doctor has declared you cured, then there is no problem for you to get married and have sex. However, to prevent the risk of recurring infections, you should also ask your partner to do pre-marital checks, including those that are useful for detecting possible sexually transmitted infections.

Hope this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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