Causes And Overcomes The Emergence Of Chronic Hissing Sound In The Left Ear

Illustration of Causes And Overcomes The Emergence Of Chronic Hissing Sound In The Left Ear
Illustration: Causes And Overcomes The Emergence Of Chronic Hissing Sound In The Left Ear

Hello, I have experienced symptoms like this about 1-2 years. Sometimes the sound comes, and sometimes the sound disappears. Uniquely this sound is the same as my heartbeat u0026amp; always heard in the left ear only. But when that hissing sound is heard, it can be very loud and disturb my concentration. This sound can last for 1 full day. To the extent that sometimes I have to calm behind the position of the new left ear and the scaling noise disappears.

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Hi princess,

Heartbeat in the ear can be caused by various conditions, both due to conditions in the ear or outside the ear, namely:

 Blockage of the ear canal, for example blockage of earwax (serumen prop) Otitis media (inflammation of the middle ear canal) Otitis externa (inflammation of the external ear) Heart palpitations Due to consumption of certain drugs, especially drugs that interfere with ear function (ototoxic) caused the complaint has been going on for a long time and is burdensome so I strongly recommend that you consult directly with your doctor to ascertain the cause of your complaint so that appropriate handling steps can be taken. I suggest that you consult with ENT specialists in order to get optimal treatment.

The examinations to be performed by doctors are medical interviews (history taking), physical examinations or supporting examinations such as audiometry examinations if deemed necessary. If the complaint is indeed caused by hearing loss, the doctor can do hearing physiotherapy to resolve your complaint. If the complaint is caused by factors outside the ear, the doctor will resolve the complaint by handling the conditions that underlie your complaint.

The following recommendations for you:

 Manage stress wisely Perform a healthy lifestyle Enough rest Avoid exposure to noise, use headphones / headsets with a high voice Immediately consult a doctor if complaints are heavy or settled Hopefully useful,

dr. Budiono

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