Causes And Overcomes The Hiccups That Never Stop?

Illustration of Causes And Overcomes The Hiccups That Never Stop?
Illustration: Causes And Overcomes The Hiccups That Never Stop?

good night .. I have a family member who has had permanent hiccups for more than a year and was in and out of the hospital. We have tried to do consultation and treatment with 3 internist doctors and 3 neurologists (last diagnosis of Parkinson’s symptoms) but the hiccups never go away. I feel sorry for her, her life was disturbed and she was depressed. until we took it to a psychiatrist and were given sedatives, but the hiccups didn’t stop even while sleeping.

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Normally, when you inhale (inspiration), the diaphragm muscle will contract so that it flattens out and causes the air pressure in the lungs to decrease and air from outside will enter the lungs. Conversely, when the air pressure in the lungs increases, the diaphragm relaxes so that it bulges upward, compresses the lungs and causes the air from the lungs to exit when exhaling (expiration). However, in some conditions, the diaphragm muscle can become irritated, which causes it to spasm and then causes air to suddenly enter the throat and hit the voice box. This condition causes the vocal cords to close suddenly and produce a "hik" sound.

Hiccups that appear temporarily and go away on their own can occur when you eat too much, eat too fast, feel anxious or overly excited, consume too much carbonated or alcoholic drinks, experience stress, experience sudden changes in temperature, or are also the result of swallowing air while eating. candy or chewing gum.

However, if the hiccups persist, especially for months as your relatives experience, it is likely that this condition is not an ordinary hiccup, but an underlying disease. Some of the following conditions may be the trigger:

Nerve disorders that control the diaphragm, for example due to the eardrum being touched by hair or other objects, sore throat, laryngitis, GERD (acid reflux), ARI (acute respiratory infection), tumors in the neck Central nervous system disorders, for example encephalitis, meningitis , multiple sclerosis, stroke, head injury, brain tumor, parkinsonism Metabolic disorders, such as diabetes, kidney failure, electrolyte imbalance Alcoholism Drug side effects, eg steroids, tranquilizers, barbiturates, anesthetics, etc. Prolonged hiccups can clearly cause stress separately for sufferers because it can interfere with the process of eating, breathing, sleeping, and other activities carried out daily. Therefore, this condition should not be taken lightly.

If your relative has been given to a doctor and his complaints have not improved until now, you should not give up. Re-check with a neurologist for a more comprehensive examination, including for example laboratory tests, X-rays, CT scans, MRI, endoscopy, and so on. Not forever, long-lasting hiccups need to be treated with surgery (including phrenotomy) or blocking phrenic nerves. These hiccups can also be overcome by administering several types of drugs coupled with lifestyle modifications. Selection of the best type of therapy should be discussed directly with a neurologist who examines the patient directly. Doctors who examine certainly know better about the best treatment for their patients.

Here are some suggestions your relatives can take for a while to stop the hiccups:

Do relaxation, which can be practicing breathing, yoga, tai chi Do natural treatment, for example by gargling with ice water, holding your breath, or drinking cold water Avoid consuming carbonated or alcoholic drinks Eat less but regularly (don't be too full) Don't get used to it eat in a hurry, while talking, or while walking Hope it helps ya ..

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