Causes And Overcoming Caffeine Allergies?

Illustration of Causes And Overcoming Caffeine Allergies?
Illustration: Causes And Overcoming Caffeine Allergies?

Hello, sometimes I experience shortness of breath, anxiety and palpitations when drinking 1 large cup of green tea or soda. And always experience the same thing every time you drink coffee want it a little or 1 glass. Am I allergic to Caffeine or sensitive to Caffeine? And can I not consume coffee anymore? Thank you in advance

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Hello Kamilia, thank you for asking

Like coffee, green tea and soda contain caffeine, although not in levels as high as coffee. According to research consumption of 1-2 glasses of tea a day provides benefits for heart organs and blood vessels. Soda is actually bad for health because it contains high sugar and does not contribute anything in meeting daily nutritional needs.

Please note that caffeine allergy is different with caffeine sensitive. Caffeine allergy means that the body recognizes caffeine as a substance that is harmful to the body so that the body attacks it, generally causing symptoms such as rashes, itchy redness of the skin, swelling and even shortness of breath. While caffeine is sensitive to symptoms such as: heart palpitations to feel tightness, anxiety / anxiety, headaches, difficulty sleeping, nervousness, abdominal pain until bloating. Based on the symptoms you mentioned, the most likely cause is sensitivity to caffeine.

If you do feel these symptoms every time you drink tea / soda / coffee, limit / avoid high caffeine sources. You can limit the consumption of tea, for example 1-2 small glasses a day is enough, try caffeine-free coffee, and it is not recommended to drink soda because of its high sugar content.

All of our suggestions and answers, hopefully useful, good afternoon.

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