Causes And Overcoming Depression?

Illustration of Causes And Overcoming Depression?
Illustration: Causes And Overcoming Depression?

Good afternoon, doctor. I am a 24 year old woman. I often feel rapid emotional changes. I could have been laughing, but a few minutes later I would burst into tears. I also have difficulty sleeping almost every day. I find it hard to fall asleep and often experience lots of sleep. I have felt constant sadness for a long time (since December). My diet also tends to be a lot. I often felt so much fear and anxiety that I cried. Are these symptoms of depression? If so, what steps should I take to overcome this? I want to live without sadness every day, I want to be happy … thank you very much ,.

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Hello Jenoisodd, Thank you for your question to

How long have all these complaints been experienced by you? Have you ever looked for further medical help? Your complaint can be caused by various mental health disorders such as:

bipolar disorder, a condition characterized by drastic mental changes from mania to depression; for example, from being happy to being sad, from being optimistic to being pessimistic; and vice versa.

depression, which is a mood disorder that causes a person to become deeply sad; usually accompanied by other symptoms such as easily disappointed, hopeless, feeling worthless, no longer likes things that used to make happy, difficulty concentrating, difficulty sleeping, decreased appetite, weight changes, and thoughts of hurting yourself to suicide
anxiety disorder

If this complaint has been going on for several months, the best step you should take is to consult a mental specialist / psychiatrist. The doctor will do a question and answer on you to better understand your condition. The doctor will determine the next treatment in accordance with the conditions that you experience. This treatment can be in the form of psychological therapy or medication.

There are a number of suggestions you can do:

creating a cozy bedroom atmosphere
try to sleep and wake up at the same time
do breathing relaxation techniques or take a shower with warm water before going to bed so you can sleep more easily
rest 6-8 hours per day
avoid napping habits
keep consuming nutritious food
sufficient water consumption
occupy yourself with positive activities such as exercising regularly, participating in social or religious activities
tell the people closest to you about how you feel
follow meditation or yoga to help calm down
Hopefully this information is useful.

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